There are five types of membership to the Eclipse Foundation, four for organizations, and one for individuals.

There are two types of strategic members: Strategic Developers and Strategic Consumers. Strategic Developers are major contributors of technology to Eclipse. Each strategic developer will lead an Eclipse Foundation open source project and have at least eight developers assigned full time to developing Eclipse technology and contribute annual dues of 0.12% of revenue (minimum $25K, maximum $250K). Strategic Consumers are major users of Eclipse technology. They contribute annual dues of 0.2% of revenues (minimum $50K, maximum $500K) but can reduce the dues by contributing one or two developers to Eclipse projects, reducing their dues by $125K for each developer, to the minimum of $50K.

Each strategic member has a representative on the Eclipse Foundation Board of Directors allowing them direct influence over the strategic direction of Eclipse.

Strategic Developer members have representation on the Eclipse Planning and Architecture Councils. This allows Strategic Developers to have direct input into the development processes and architecture of the Eclipse Foundation project community.

– Board of Directors : A board of directors (B of D) is a group of individuals elected to represent shareholders. A board’s mandate is to establish policies for corporate management and oversight, making decisions on major company issues. Every public company must have a board of directors. Some private and nonprofit organizations also have a board of directors.

– Executive Committee :  the executive committee or board of an organization is a committee within that organization which has the authority to make decisions and ensures that these decisions are carried out.