President’s Message

I, the President of Investor Federal Association of Cambodia, would be honoured with this website of Investor Federal Association of Cambodia. will be the useful-key-performance of information and news round up related to Cambodia activities as well as few economic developments in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Under the support and the encouragement from the Royal Government of Cambodia, Investor Federal Association of Cambodia has its key evolution and has been evolved during a period of 10 years already. Cambodia has earned its mutual benefit since Cambodia had become ASEAN members. As a successor-role-player, IFA is notified such a next of kin after the government sector which is the main player.

To harmonize the Customs Tariff of the Single Window pilot project and build the trade relationship among the mutual beneficiaries, IFA is an initial practitioner. As a result, we got the numerous inflow of Foreign Direct Investment to Cambodia via those incentives, which we have to receive, as is a typical of a Third-World and Least Developed Countries and attempt to entice through the opportunity gateway of Cambodia.

To ensure those trustees, the Royal Government of Cambodia together with Private Sector such the national Cambodia IFA have reinforced laws and regulations to facilitate all types of business entity which performs its trade better and better around Cambodia territory boundary and among other country, especially, ASEAN country.

Through this reinforcement, the government sector has re-observed, re-examined and ultimately, the relevant laws and regulations have amended followed the critical decision in the inter-ministries meeting suggested by the Private Sector, for instance IFA is the gateway to collaborate with all sectors in local and international entity.

I hope that IFA will handle you the requirement information, even if you are a student, trader, businessperson, researcher, or government officer via either face to face meeting arrangement of diplomatic counterpart in a possible time and in a reasonable answer on what you are looking for as well.

Eventually, I would express my wishes to who does a visit to this website has met the requirement to carry out his/her trade and business affairs for his/her life expectancy.