Membership benefit

AFA Membership Key Benefits

  • IFA activities are complimentary to members
  • Meet high profile decision makers
  • Privilege for business opportunities
  • Create new valuable contacts locally & internationally
  • Learning from others and gain insights of sectors and markets
  • Share your knowledge & experiences
  • Gain the speaking opportunities at IFA events
  • Obtain VIP passes to top events & international conferences
  • Access to other local and international business communities
  • Interactive with high-level delegations from various countries
  • Acquire to investments opportunities, Joint Ventures, Merger & Acquisition
  • Login the IFA Connect (Members’ Online Communication System)
  • Hold business delegation visits to selective countries to meet distinguished business figures, community leaders & government officials
  • Adding extraordinary value to personal growth and company strength

IFA Membership Other Benefits

  • The MEMBERSHIP is given to the individual post of the company, if any change in future the MEMBERSHIP can be transferred to new individual of the company.
  • Member Referral Program to rewarding members’ referral, please Click Here to see details.
  • Display your brochure in IFA Events
  • New Member E-Introduction and Member 3 minutes introduction at the IFA’s events
  • Listing Member’s logo to IFA Members & Partner session
  • Exposure on IFA Newsletter Letter, Event Insights and Social Medias
  • Member Interview by IFA TV Crew
  • Investor Federal Association of Cambodia platform can be used by members for promoting business and launching new service or products
  • Develop new business development opportunities locally and worldwide
  • Be in partners section on our website and provide benefits to fellow members
  • Exclusive Seminars and Training sessions only for IFA Cambodia members by Internationally recognized speakers
  • Opportunities to Sponsor our events and expose your brands to local and International elites
  • Investment and business opportunities from local and international market
  • Creating new experiences, new partnerships and new friends
  • Strong B2B Networking
  • Latest economic information and future investment opportunities
  • Members’ data is secure and will never be shares with a third party without prior permission
  • Finding the right partner for your business in the association
  • Well-known IFA, Chairman, Presidents and directors from reputable companies already joined IFA’s event. Click here to see “Members and Partners”

The Differences between Regular Membership and Premium, Elite Membership

Premium & Elite Membership is the best option in term of ROIPremium & Elite Membership enjoy priority of meeting/connecting Royal members, President, Minister and top tier profile IFAs

  • Premium & Elite Membership enjoy B2B meeting set up meetings
  • Premium & Elite Membership enjoy priority of set up IFA Chapter in their home country
  • Premium & Elite Membership enjoy priority of receiving top from conferences, concerts and other events
  • Premium & Elite Membership enjoy fully for the IFA 5 Decision Makers Meeting and IFA Royal Majlis visit

IFA VIP Membership


  • Multinational  Corporation
  • Candidate must submit Profile
  • Billion dollars business volume yearly
  • Royal Member, Investor and Chairman only
  • Commitment and contribution for VIP community
  • Must attend VIP member exclusive activities worldwide


  • Share opportunities & discuss issues with VIP members
  • Solutions & support center for VIP member
  • Global market opportunity and risk outlook
  • 2 meetings yearly organized by IFA at very elite hotel in Cambodia or other countries
  • All fee are covered by Club for attending above 4 meetings
  • Exclusive meeting with head of state, Royal members and former President and Minster
  • Attend or Speak in International selected Exclusive Events

Rules & Conditions

  • Maximum 10 VIP members worldwide in a Group
  • All VIP members must attend the 2 meetings abroad
  • Assign Secretary for VIP members
  • 24/7 Support center for business advise & business connection
  • Start to organize meeting after reach 5 VIP members in group